Cattle Ranch Club

Wanna be a Rancher? And enjoy premium beef?

Join our Cattle Ranch Club

We offer cattle ranch experience for you together with our seasonal beef packs. You can buy 3 meat packs (10kg) during the year (or just one, or two: what ever you want) and get absolutely unique change to participate on a real cattle ranch work.  You get also other benefits from your club membership: 10% discount from other CR products and from your purchases from eggie -foodcart, from which you can find also our BBQ dishes on wheels on summer fairs etc.

So what is the unique experience?

We are arranging annually three meetings for all CR club members, where you have a great change to see what is happening at a cattle ranch and participate on ranching. Enjoy you day at countryside. You are there working with us for preparing out animals for summer and winter season and on the other hand building a nice Christmas for them. We are arranging these meetings at our ranches at Salo and Alavus, at 11th of May, 14th of September and 7th of December and you can pick up your fresh meat pack at the same time. And don’t worry: if you are not able to join to the meeting, we will deliver the beef pack to your home.

What are the beef packs?

They are seasonal packs of meat, which we have designed just for you. You get the best meat at the best time and you can buy all at once. Meat is grass-fed premium highland meat, breeded by us, with 100% commitment to animal welfare. Highland meat is premium meat with less fat and cholesterol. Highlander live their life at the woods and fields and can live their life naturally. You can taste the perfect life in this premium beef.  

If 10kg meat is a bit too much for you at once: you can easily share it with your friends and family. All meat is fresh, premium quality and packed to ca. 1kg packages (minced meat to 0,5kg packages). You can also freeze the meat for later usage (validity period for minced meat is 6 months and others 12months)

Ostoskorisi on tyhjä


Tilaaminen & Toimitus

Tämä on CR Cattle Ranchin ylläpitämä verkkokauppa, missä tuotteet ja palvelut tilataan verkkokaupasta ja toimitus tapahtuu verkkokaupassa esitetyin tavoin. Asiakaspalvelumme tavoitat parhaiten osoitteesta

Verkkokaupan tuotteiden hinnat sisältävät arvonlisävero ja onnistuneesta tilauksesta tulee aina tilausvahvistus annettuun sähköpostiin.


Tuotteet ja toimituskulut maksetaan verkkokaupassa esitetyin tavoin. Voit maksaa tuotteet joko tämän verkkokaupan kautta kortilla, verkkopankilla tai Klarnan laskulla (Klarna toimii välittäjänä kaikissa maksuissa) tai voit maksaa tuotteet noudettaessa kortilla tai käteisellä.